I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.

Before I begin I need you guys to know that I have NOT been avoiding you, ANY of you. This grounding and being away from everyone is harder for me than you know. Stupid page editor only loads if I'm making a new page or blog post. I love you all and don't forget it peeps.

I'm sorry. I might have to quit trying. I've been making attempt after attempt at to contact everyone. Please pass this along if you are reading this, give it to all my friends or at least those you know of.


Zed: Damn you for being so lovable. I miss you.

AuraX: I BEAT ELISA and the play was great. Miss you.

Nessie: PIE and I miss you

EoP (ESPECIALLY Fiora): Sorry I can't work on anything, ugh. If there is anything AT ALL you guys need leave a comment here. Miss you <3


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