Sword Dancer

Sword before Prez gave her wings.

Sword is a 12 year old pony. She specializes in swordfighting, explaining her cutie mark. Sword is the future daughter of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, and is the ponysona of TeamSonicPrez.

Sword is an alicorn. But when the picture of her was created, she was only a unicorn. So don't get confused.

Sword is KIND OF an emo, but not quite. Her cutie mark is a sword with an emerald embedded in it. She has several white scars, and eventually, she will represent the Element of Magic due to her magic being extraordinarily strong.

Her magic is a cobalt blue color. Her sword is identical to the one that is her cutie mark.

Sword Dancer cutie mark

Sword's cutie mark

Sword's best friend is Golden Delicious Apple. Her worst enemy is Discord.

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