Rules for all users.


  1. Upload at least one photograph and start at least one page.
  2. Keep cursing to a minimum.
  3. NO. PORN.
  4. No trollin'.


  1. Avoid cursing altogether if you can.
  2. Please, if a roleplay is going on, ask before joining.
  3. No trollin'.


  1. Comment on AT LEAST one.
  2. No trollin'.

Admins, Crats, and C-Mods (plus Prez)Edit

  1. Treat 'em with respect.
  2. Admin Rules
  3. No trollin' these guys, EVER.


  1. All I can say is, DON'T TROLL.


  1. Just flat out don't do it, ya understand?


  • Irony Incarnate
  • Rainbow 911

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